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1 month ago

Here's a sketch of my demon character Trychel, after spilling coffee on himself. He's a bit of a dick, so don't feel too bad for him.

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Character by Radical Dude 42

Ya boi Guy from Divine Interference: Cosmic Exertion flexing on us plebs with his dominion over the cosmos

Go read DI:CE (authored by one of my best buds)!:

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2 months ago
eve asked:

bap bap fap

Hey that's lewd as hell.

But we're not on Tumblr, so it's fine. 

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2 months ago

Synodic Reboot

Shill Time

I do a webcomic called Synodic Reboot; check it out if you like furries and/or the feel of early Homestuck, since it strives to be an in-depth, fresh take on the Sburb formula while also making its own unique identity.

Strongly driven by its (mostly) likeable characters and worldbuilding, the comic currently totals to over 700 pages and eight flash animations. It'd mean a lot if you check it out!

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2 months ago


I'm pretty new here, at least to actually using the site, so I may as well make some sort of introductory post?

I'm a mainly furry artist who runs a few webcomics, so I'll surely be posting about them and posting my art here. I might also make occasional shitposts or ramble on about video games and cartoons (less likely), so basically follow me if this kind of content interests you!

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2 months ago

Bap Bap Bap

So I guess I made an account here, finally!

#nice to have the actual zerio handle this time lmao